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The Fiddler’s Amazon!

Alex DePue | April 2, 2019
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The Fiddler – Alex DePue Brings Knowledge and Experience to Amazon

April 2nd, 2019 – Seattle, WA

The Fiddler – Alex DePue accepted the invitation today from’s upper management to enter into their Amazon Influencer Program, earning a special page devoted entirely to The Fiddler. The new, and highly sought-after profile at features those recommendations DePue has to offer regarding “endorsed products” for millions of avid Amazon customers, worldwide, in the subjects of “violin”, “musician”, “audio” and “recording studio gear/software”.

Naturally, those products are catered toward those who are in the music business, many with job-titles relating to music education, and also for those who swing with all their might within the music industry, especially violinists, fiddlers, string players, and musicians of all types and sizes. All might benefit from the wisdom in frugal living wrought forth by The Fiddler – Alex DePue, especially when it comes to personal gear.

Read Mr. DePue’s blast about it, quoted within an email interview earlier today with Amazon officials. We were delighted to see the content used almost immediately at the official Amazon website.

Question: Mr. DePue, what do you have to say about your list of Amazon recommendations re: recording studio gear?

AD – “First of all, please know that the list is not yet finished, and I’m not sure it ever will be. ol But I will say this…

Are YOU a MUSICIAN? Are you a recording studio owner? Are you a fan of BOTH? Maybe? …as a profession, or even just as a passionate hobby? If so, you will know NOW what are the BEST products for you to admire and enjoy, with a product lifespan lasting for decades to come. While these may be not the most inexpensive products (I just can’t imagine you’re coming to me for ways on saving money! lol), as I see it, this subject pertains more to QUALITY, not quantity, or you’ll lose your shirt buying cheap recording software and gear, only to have it rendered “obsolete” in another year or two. The cheaper gear is designed to fail, so that you must continue “updating”… so look no further. I really will save you from that hassle.

I will make sure you need only buy these studio components once upon a lifetime. If there is one valuable trait I gained (result from a lesson learned), and seem to have retained… to have remained intact throughout my own, and my family’s careers in the music business, it is that we prioritize QUALITY, no matter the subject. Our standards for excellence were set very high, starting with Dad’s insistence… always QUALITY over quantity. Consequently, our expectations from the tools we use must also pass that same standard of excellence. Some musical excellence here, from The DePue Brothers, as an example (that’s Jason on my left, then Wallace, then Zachary).



You see, at heart, I’m a teacher (violin). And I’d like to teach you a bit, if you’ll allow… not only will I show you the very best products for you as a musician and/or studio owner/buff, but I’ll also explain for you exactly WHY that much is true, and for each product. You’ve got the right guy, Amazon!”

Question: I know you’ve got plenty more products to offer than what we see on your Amazon Influencer page so far, but what can you say about your list of “Violin Necessities“?

AD – “After 41 years playing the violin, I have totally featured those staples which lead the player toward true professional freedom… especially if they’re getting a price break! haha

…necessities which have made my performing life SO much easier over the years by simply NOT having to think much about them. I’m quite lucky in this department of life. What I’m talkin about, specifically, for violinists and fiddlers… are STRINGS and BOWS. Sorry for that shocker. lol

And WOW, have we got that covered! I’m so proud to have had a relationship with the #1 brand in violin strings, worldwide, (Thomastik-Dominant violin strings, by Connolly and Company in New Jersey). DOMINANT… the name says it all, ya know? They’re GREAT SOUNDING STRINGS, and I’ve been playin’ ’em for 41 years. I always try the rest, and I ALWAYS come back to the best; Thomastik-Dominant violin Strings.


Logo for Thomastik-Dominant Violin Strings.

Proud to have Infeld’s Thomastik-Dominant Violin Strings as a Sponsor for what I do. They are the best strings available for the string player, and I don’t walk onto any stage without ’em!


And then I know it sounds like I’m makin’ this up… but also, yet another decades-long relationship I’ve had… is with the world’s largest violin bow manufacturer, too! lol GLASSER manufacturing, out of the Bronx, in New York… he’s such a solid, admirable guy… Andrew Glasser is carrying on the legacy for THE family who came up with the perfect mold for what is now a very common sight, really. Usually, those are Glasser bows which are found inside the cases accompanying student violins, violas, cellos, AND double basses; Rental instruments all over the world… you know… those really shiny, orange, “student models”? It is, more often than not, a Glasser bow inside that case. It was exactly that for ME? I totally remember looking at the logo branded onto the plastic frog… the raised letters spelling out GLASSER fascinated me, that someone out there was organized enough (and in the mind of a child, like… “BIG” enough) to have these bows just floatin’ around this earth by the dozens, and to me at that time, I didn’t know about other bows. I thought they were ALL Glasser bows! lol And that was all the way back in ’76… so… yeah. Andrew Glasser. And now he’s making electric violins, too!

Over these last few years, I’ve been runnin’ on up there to one of two Glasser factories… this one is in Tijuana, Mexico (the other is in the Bronx), right nearby my OVNI recording studio. Now and then, I run up there just to try out his latest model… his latest “prototype”. I’ll also bring my latest cache of shredded bows which need “restoration”, as he says. I mean I can’t throw ALL of ’em out there into the crowd after shreddin’ ’em on stage?!

Anyway, during those visits, I would play many different versions of that new fiddle, samples from the new line as it was being developed there at the factory, and for hours I’d play for a quite appreciative Mexican audience… and then we’d chat for a bit. I’d offer whatever advices re: what I felt could use change or adjustment; to the fiddle’s action, tone, or even the physical placements for such features as the volume knob, or the 1/4 inch jack, and which side of the chinrest the jack will live, ultimately? …and… well, etc., etc. !!!

All that can be safely said, is that I was “closely” involved with the pre-production for Glasser’s new line of violins, and just grateful to the entire universe that I was somehow afforded that opportunity. The entire experience was invigorating… inspiring, even.

I’m proud of the final product, and use the Glasser electric violin myself. I use them because they stay in tune! AND they’re lightweight… AND to be honest, when ya don’t have it plugged in? It still sounds like a VIOLIN! With a BRIDGE! And a SOUNDPOST! lol Ya know why? Because it’s got a BRIDGE! (old-school, genuine looking, and made of wood)… and yes, therein lies a SOUND POST! When ya practice the Glasser electric fiddle, it sounds and responds like an acoustic VIOLIN!! As it should. Just as it should.

Since then, his inevitable mass manufacture, and release of the new fiddle line did happen, resulting in both, 1. elec. violins which revolutionize the way we’ve ever conceptualized electronics (for ANY instrument) because he has hidden all of the delicate wiring IN THE CHIN REST! And also  2. The “acoustic” version of the same, still made from the same carbon composite material, but with a true acoustic violin tone. The attraction for beginners, and even students going on into college… is the PRICE. I think his acoustic model (basically, the electric model, but without the wiring) is only $500. (Between us, even just BARELY “decent” violins… violins which are hardly worthy of being deemed, “violins”, BEGIN at $1500.) So Glasser, once AGAIN in the history of this world… has got the market all but monopolized! A great-sounding, VERY playable, friendly-to-the-left-hand, REVOLUTIONARY new precedent in the world of synthetic instruments… especially the violin… and Glasser wins again.

PLUS… I think that 5-string elec. model is even named, “AEX”. So… knowing Drew, I’m just assuming he’s waiting for me to catch that, and mention it to him! hahaha

MOST violinists have not only tried a Glasser bow, but most likely, have even spent a few years getting to know the stick personally, and let me tell ya… after the Great-Grandfather Glasser did his homework, studying those great bow-makers of yore from Italy (Sartori comes to mind 1700’s), the family’s final answer was this mold which took all of those measurements into consideration, including weight balance/distribution, mind you… So, unlike what is our “norm” in the violin world, in the BOW world, they were able to figure out the winning combination of attributes, and then use their intellect, along with skilled laborers, to design, make, and finally manufacture what the world has come to know, as “the perfect bow”.

It plays itself!


Glasser Bows logo photo

Glasser Bows for Pros! Alex DePue is always happy to shred a Glasser Bow!


What we’re left with is an almost indestructible, perfectly balanced, real horse-haired, PLAYABLE bow… and here’s the kicker. They now come in ALL COLORS! Some even have prints, like the one they made for me in 2010 for MY family’s Int’l Fiddle Competition… that one lit up like a Star Wars lightsaber. And then literally WHILE they were manufacturing the first batch of fiddles, I ended up performing with the first prototype in Rio, made especially for ME! …in conjunction with the 2016 Summer Olympics, called “ArtsGames”. (We call it the “Rio Fiddle”.) That one lights up with red, LED lights coming out of the f-holes, a transparent front plate… the whole fiddle is transparent carbon-fiber, and from the stage, it was absolutely SICK! Here’s a little taste of The Rio Fiddle from here at home.


Not unlike Glasser, and not unlike Thomastik-Dominant Violin Strings, and certainly not unlike the Manley Gold Reference mic, our focus will always be QUALITY, sure… but… and maybe for one of those rare instances in this reality, and this time AT AMAZON, QUALITY really DOES come to us at an easily affordable price! If you’re like me, and truly believe that the abilities on our beloved violin are earned through PRACTICE, HARD WORK, AND DEDICATION, and not so much through the gear you own, then you’ll also agree that it’s not so much the food itself being prepared that ends up with that taste which is SOOOO good, but more so… more accurately, it is instead the CHEF PREPARING IT. <3 

AND THAT CHEF TASTED GREAT!! lol – much love from Your Fiddler! <3″

Check out Alex’s new page at Amazon, and pass the word along to your friends and family, because if you’re planning to make a larger purchase at Amazon, even if it’s not related to music, please let us know (!

He will pull some strings (get it?) and then pass to you a private link you can use to possibly get a better deal! If not a better price, you would still be allowing The Fiddler some extra points in the new Amazon program, just for allowing us that privilege in being your referral for whatever is the next product you need. He’ll answer those requests promptly, and personally.

Email:, and here’s that Amazon link to The Fiddler’s NEW Amazon Influencer page, once again:

Have a look! Browse! *discuss, etc. There’s a comment section below. We would love to hear YOUR ideas about these products Alex is currently showcasing, and we’d love to hear about what to consider in the future for The Fiddler’s master list of musical goods!  end>



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