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Michael Jackson’s “Bad” on Piano by one VERY bad Yohan Kim!

Alex DePue | May 31, 2019


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13-Year-Old Pianist MJ’s his way Onto the WORLD STAGE… WHERE ARE THEY NOW??

Hear for yourself!





“I send this video around at least once per year since 2016. It serves as the perfect example for what can happen whenever any artist takes their training… the “grunt work” they’ve invested into any work from the practice room… and RELEASE it into the world. I sense that Yohan Kim had no idea what was going to happen with this performance, recorded three years ago, and I’ll never forget uploading this video from my hotel room down in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in February of that year… the numbers began jumping right off the screen, and it became “viral” within hours.

Shortly thereafter, I watched in amazement as my own name was credited repeatedly for “discovering” Mr. Kim… and I don’t mind that even a little! I’m PROUD to have had any part in introducing this young man to the world stage, and also the arranger of this work, pianist Peter Bence. Within two days, this young pianist had the entire US of A on his team, and could do absolutely no wrong. From a radio station in Buffalo, NY… all the way to Billboard Magazine, the then 13-year-old Yohan Kim’s career as a professional pianist then began.

My own viral video had much to do with pioneering these types of approaches to mainstream music. What we end up with is a phat groove PLUS classical chops, and that is exactly what we want in this day and age. A smart student will have this in mind:

The competition in this category continues to progress, and the idea of having this ability to improvise, or at least even fake it… added TO the student’s already formidable classical chops… will soon determine the difference as to who will win the gig, audition, or competition… certainly, it has been proven already that the marriage of those two musical facets has been enough of a spectacle to sustain a wonderful career, meet lots of unique and interesting people, and relish in the dream of musical bliss I live every day.”  -Alex DePue

(Here’s a link to DePue’s own instantly viral performance from 2006, originally found back then at a since-forgotten place called Break .com… SO old it does not even exist anymore! We hope to someday gather DePue’s fans right HERE where they SHOULD be! At The Fiddler’s OFFICIAL channels! It’s off the hook at Facebook, Youtube?!)




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