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Champion Violin Student Noah Uebelhoer Serves SMASHING Performance!

Alex DePue | November 11, 2020





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March 24, 2019 – Weiser, ID

A young man in Weiser, ID shocked his teachers and peers with this performance of the Bruch Violin Concerto, (Mvt. I).

Weiser native, Noah Uebelhoer (14), performs the work here, captured with video

If you’re pressed for time, just see the end of Noah’s performance, as the audience pops up out of their chairs with a well-deserved and more-than-enthusiastic standing ovation! The room was moved past the point of mere applause… instead, the audience erupted with cheers and toppled from their chairs instantly. “He has every reason to celebrate this success, and then move right on into the next miracle to tackle.”, says violin teacher, Alex DePue.

As it stands, Mr. Uebelhoer intends to study the second movement of the Bruch next, and continue with the concerto in sequential order with his teacher of five years.

“This will do the trick. and more. Perhaps! lol”, says Mr. DePue after listening to the young wizard’s live performance. Known the world over for his own unforgiving performances on the violin, DePue is hopeful about Noah Uebelhoer’s future as a pro violinist. “What a smashing delivery… an outstanding performance from young Noah Uebelhoer, and a deserved celebration with/from those who were there to witness it. I’m a very proud teacher today!” -Alex DePue

In a private letter to the young celebrated violinist, Noah Uebelhoer, DePue nudges him along:

“Attached is mvt. II of the Bruch… it’s an important piece of music maybe for those same reasons which make the Meditation from Thais so memorable and beautiful. Remember to keep your repertoire recyclable. Re-visit the Bach Am Concerto, for example, just to brush up on your memory and not allow those pieces you’ve worked so hard to achieve just fall by the wayside.

Keep fresh… begin each day by meditating, and then go ahead and “perform” for yourself one of those works from the past. If and when your performance needs any attention, go ahead and spend whatever time is needed (within reason, of course… this can be a daily thing… and should be a daily thing… until you’ve accumulated a reliable repertoire consisting of works which are “well-oiled” enough to recall upon your own command. Just an example… you get an offer to perform at a wedding, and the gig pays well. What will you play for that?

And going all the way back to Suzuki Book ONE, even, you will find treasures you can recall quickly, and “install” into your repertoire until you could perform two hours straight all by your own self.

I will help you.

Congratulations, Noah!”







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