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Alex DePue | March 24, 2021

If this video doesn’t “rock AND roll” your soul right from the start, my name isn’t Alex DePue. I got a little crazy and explored my visually creative side last night with #FinalCutPro, and Pow! Next thing you know, we got us a new SIZZLE reel. So… I hope it burns! If you like it, say like, “Sizzling!” in the comments, so I know I’m on the right track. Will ya do that?? Muchos Gracias!

a FRESH NEW PERFORMANCE from, why… it was just the other night when Miguel De Hoyos shook the EARTH with that Flamenco styled Guitar. Alex DePue led the way through THIS Dark and Stormy until, BLAMMY! There were suddenly students to teach! Everywhere I look, there’s another Sssst…. LOOK AT ALL OF ‘EM?! So Santana’s Black Magic Woman begins this little snippet of musical fun… followed by one of my FAVORITE passages to play with Steve, this one from the South American portion of that tour (“Steve Vai: Where the Wild Things Are”) and THEN… my own project of late, called “Modern Paganini”, which is out there like in the vast expanse of these here internets. Actually, we’ll make it available right here in the same window as the video itself. But you’ll wanna be careful out there not to step on any Mozarts. It’s bad luck!

So, check out this montage of musical madness! I really couldn’t be prouder to have had every single one of these moments, and will forever be fascinated, and mind boggled by the fleeting, magical moments that every new performance provides a new opportunity to experience!

To many, many more such moments, eh?!

In the mean time, please share, like, subscribe, tell your friends! We still have so much to give the world, and now that the world is starting to turn again, we are ready to come out swinging. If you’d like to see us or me come to YOUR town, TELL SOMEONE, share this video, along with the contact We’d love to hear from ya!

Til then… Thanks for your support and keeping the music alive. We couldn’t do it without you.

Leave a tip for The Fiddler, if so inclined. It helps more than you may ever know!

Much love, Always… Your Fiddler.


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