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The Fiddler’s Forum – Season 1, Ep. #01

Alex DePue - Violin | March 11, 2021
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Podcast #01; Modern “Paganini” & How it Happened, Steve Vai, Rhonda Vincent, Merle Haggard, JS Bach, and Much Much MORE!

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(90 mins)
HEY! …gettin’ ready to go LIVE here at @OVNI Studios to introduce a brand new video of the Bach Partita #3, in its entirety, along with some question/answer kinda deal, starting as soon as we can assemble those necessary pieces for sending along audio and video, using the tools provided for such a thing… a “broadcast”, if you will?
And it is with the help of she, who is behind these scenes here at The Fiddler LLC, Miss Aria Noelle Curzon, as to how we’re able to do this at all! Tune in! About one hour from now, I’m aaaaall yours. SO much news to communicate!
Video is Self-explanatory. (Self? What the !@#$*&^%?)

*This Podcast premiered LIVE on March 11th, 2021. Alex runs the gamut of topics from his time working with Steve Vai, and Rhonda Vincent, to his deep, unalterable love for classical music, which is presented in his most recent recording of Bach’s Partita No. 3, premiering in this podcast. He talks teaching, his latest collaboration with violinist Aria Stiles on the transcription for his newest sheet music release (Journey, y’all!) , and whether this arrangement qualifies as “Paganini level”. Also, he touches upon which experience (in ITALY) led him to be brave enough to title his latest album “Modern Paganini”*

Watch now, to catch up with all the latest from Alex DePue – Violin!





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    Podcast #0001 - Modern "Paganini", How It Happened, Rhonda Vincent, Steve Vai, and J.S. Bach

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